“I Love You”

A cifsa who feels great affection for another of the same social class would say “ahón urrin.” To a social inferior, it would be “ahón urmú.” Both of these translate pretty directly to “I love you.” If the speaker had the nerve to say such a thing to a social superior, it would likely be more like “hón ré hú ar urjan,” which translates as “This one loves my lord/lady.”


I think, therefore I am. (René Descartes)

arod urdénil yíní erífehil yíní
a-rod-Ø ur-dén-il yí-ní erí-feh-il
1exc-know-SG ACC-be-VN POSS-1exc CAUS-think-VN POSS-1exc
I know my existence because of my thinking.