Noun Phrases


The Definite Article

The definite article appears before the noun, as a before consonants, ar before vowels. It is used in all circumstances where a noun is definite, even when the noun is a proper name.

a príl ar ídó ar iŧmír
DEF man DEF horse DEF Ithmír
the man the horse Ithmír

There is no indefinite article.

The Noun Phrase

All NP components except for the article follow the noun, in this order:

Article – Noun – Modifier(s) – Demonstrative – Modifying Noun Phrase – Relative Clause

ar ídó fyar
DEF horse grey
the grey horse

When multiple modifiers are present, the priority position right after the noun is reserved for descriptors of color, shape, and size (in that order).

ar ídó fyar éđ azú
DEF horse grey large beautiful
the large beautiful grey horse

Note that demonstratives ( this, wa that, yonder) are always used with the definite article.

ar ídó hú  a príl jú
DEF horse this  DEF man yonder
this horse yonder man