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Oct 182014

The recent advent of WordPress 4.0 (“Benny”) had me looking at this site and the tech that drives it again, and it looks as though newer installations of WP are configuring their databases in a way that will actually accommodate non-English characters properly. So I’ve reinstalled in the hopes of finally getting my conlangs online.

Plus, now that the twins are toddlers, they’re spending more time playing on their own, so maybe I can squeeze the occasional blog post into my schedule again.

Stand by.

Patience is a Virtue

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Dec 162009

Or so I keep telling myself.

The latest round of upgrades (WP and/or theme) hosed my site, leaving all pages blank except the home page. So I backed up my posts and reinstalled WP from scratch.

As you can see the posts are all back where they belong. Now I have to reconfigure everything else.