Nov 172009

I had high hopes for AMC’s reboot of The Prisoner. I really did. They got Sir Ian McKellen, I told myself. If nothing else, it’ll be fun to watch him as Number 2. Not to mention interesting to see how a new generation channels its paranoia.

It took about an hour for my guarded optimism to shrink to just a tiny speck of hope. It’s corporate paranoia this time, okay, and they’re fleshing the character of 2 out a bit, fine, and it takes some time to set this sort of scenario up, I understand. But by the end of the first night, I was still waiting for the coolness to start happening.

Rover scared the hell out of me when I was young. Its simplicity was the heart of its menace. AMC didn’t change its look much, but they still managed to make it mind-numbingly lame. And 6? McGoohan’s 6 was angry and frustrated and dangerous. He was a tiger in a cage, and you knew that when he found the right opening, something unpretty was going to happen to whoever had put him there. Caviezel’s 6 is just kind of… whiney.

And where’s the subtlety of the original series? The layer upon layer of meaning that can be teased out The Village and its denizens? The clever multiplicity of “Who is Number One?” “You are Number Six.”

I sat through 3/4 of last night’s 2-hour installment (second of three) before I realized that I no longer knew what was going on because I’d become so bored I’d stopped paying attention. 1112 is doing what? Why? They’ve taken 313 where? Huh? Whatever.

I turned it off and went to bed.

Yeah, I may tune in for the last installment tonight. Chances are really good, though, that it’ll be background noise within 15 minutes.

Epic fail guys.

Jan 112009

Got some classic Doctor Who coming through the NetFlix queue, so the hubby and I are watching The Green Death this weekend.

Which is wonderful, IMHO, just for Jon Pertwee’s drag scene. (Oh, yes. You read that right. The Doctor in a floral frock!) Plus, Welsh stereotypes, maggot puppets, and the Brigadier in civvies!

May 022008

Well, the word is out that Sky One is reviving Blake’s 7. While the idea of this is, on the surface, very appealing, I’m more than a little apprehensive as to how they’ll handle it. If the production values are too low, it won’t be able to compete, but if it doesn’t keep a little bit of the original show’s cheese factor, the old guard fan base will lambaste it. And the casting… I already feel sorry for whichever poor bastard gets the role of Kerr Avon. Or, for that matter, Roj Blake or Vila Restal.

Then there’s the big question on this side of the Pond: Will we ever even get to see it in the States? Gods know we’re still waiting for the original show to be put out on Region I DVD.