Jul 262008

Um. What?

It seems that KTLA in Los Angeles think that Black Canary is a bad role model, and Barbie shouldn’t dress like her. Their story is online here.

Yeah, right. ‘Cause we all know that what you wear is so much more important than what you do or why. Nevermind that fighting evil and saving people stuff, she wears fishnet stockings and a leather jacket, so she’s bad bad bad.

Please notice that they gloss over the fact that this doll is a high-ticket collector’s edition, not a kiddie toy. And that they chose to single out the Canary rather than Batgirl or Wonder Woman, who are coming out in the same product line. Oy.

Gay Animal Porn!

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Oct 242006

Does anyone besides me think that denying the fact that quite a few animal species engage in homosexual behavior is the theological equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “La, la, la, I can’t hear you”? Or that it’s completely and totally laughable to call an exhibition on the sexual behavior of nonhuman species “pornography”?

It’s happening in Norway.