Feb 052008

My husband and I spent the weekend visiting his relatives, which is a 4.5 hour drive from home. In the span of time between Saturday and Monday, here’s what went wrong:

  • We had tickets to see Wicked with our 2 nieces. One of them couldn’t come because her ketones were way off (she’s diabetic) and there was concern she might need to be taken to the hospital. This was supposed to be her Christmas present.
  • The Patriots lost the Superbowl. While my husband and I were sitting in a room full of Giants fans.
  • We were supposed to come home on Monday. An hour into the return trip, our radiator basically fell apart, stranding us in Danbury, CT. My inlaws had to drive out to rescue us and the dog, and we both had to beg out of work today because the parts couldn’t be got until this morning.
  • Overnight last night, one of my inlaws’ three cats died.