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Oct 032009

Okay, the iPod works. The problem was with iTunes, not the thing itself.

Still. You’d think Apple could manage to make software that works with its own hardware without repeated reinstalls.

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Sep 292009

For years, I’ve had people telling me that Apple makes the best stuff. The best computers. The best music store. The best music players.

Back in May I volunteered at Commencement, and the administration gave us all little thank-you gifts over the summer: iPod Shuffles. “Hey,” I thought, “it’s got more capacity than my current music player. And, you know, everyone’s always saying how cool iPods are…”

I finally got around to setting the thing up over this past weekend. Installed iTunes. Imported a few CDs. Hooked up the iPod. Worked like a charm. I thought, “You know, I like this.”

Two days later, the computer won’t recognize the damned thing anymore, so I can’t sync it, and I can’t charge it. And when I google up the problem… wow. Looks like everyone and his sister has had this issue. There are lots of suggestions out there as to what’s wrong and how to fix it. Nothing’s worked so far.

I’m just glad I didn’t pay actual money for the stupid thing.

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