Mar 072008

The people who live in my head are being very bothersome lately. I have all sorts of plans for them, but they refuse to cooperate. Very frustrating.

Ah, well. At least they’re talking to me.

Most of them.

Yes, that was aimed at you, Lina.

Getting to Know You

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Oct 162007

One of the best parts of writing — perhaps THE best part — is suddenly discovering something new about a character that you thought you knew everything about. You’re typing along and it just sort of happens. He does something or says something that you never would have predicted. You look at the page and you say, “Where the hell did that come from?” And you realize that not only is it completely right for him to have done that, it is, in fact, his only real option, considering who he is.

It Goes Both Ways

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Jul 042007

I try to make all the characters in my writing into real people, you know, the way you do. Because no one is interested in reading about propped up bits of painted cardboard.

But when you (and by “you” I mean “I”) start delving into the heads of violent antagonists in an attempt at fleshing them out, when you start understanding who they are and why they are the way they are, you start maybe sympathising, just a bit, with their worldview. At least when you’re looking at their world through their eyes.

And you start, maybe, liking them. Just a little. Or more than just a little.

Which can be damned disconcerting, considering the nasty things they do.

Name Geekery

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May 182007

I love weird, random resources. I love learning about obscure stuff that most people don’t care about, like the fact the the Polish girl’s name “Halina” is derived from the Russian/Bulgarian name “Galina” which is a feminine version of “Galenus.” You know, as in Galen, the famous 2nd century physician?

I got that from Behind the Name.

They also have a random name generator, which you can restrict by ethnicity or choose from such categories as “Goth” or “Fairy” or even (if you’re feeling really really silly) “Transformer.”

May 052007

I’m supposed to be working on my fantasy novel. But the vampire won’t leave me alone this morning, dammit.

Ardellis: Dude, it’s broad daylight. Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?!

Byron: What, you’ve never heard of insomnia? Besides, you’ve been ignoring me for months. And I’m much more fun that that smuggler over there, admit it.

Ardellis: That’s only because he’s not cooperating with me at the moment.

Byron: Take a break, then. Let him know what he could be missing.

Ardellis: Fine. But after we deal with this, you will shut up and let him figure out how to save his friend without getting himself or his kid killed.

Byron: As long as I get to see Constance Putnam’s face when she realizes what I’ve done, I’ll be happy.

Ardellis: You realize she’ll kill you.

Byron: (grinning) She’ll try.