Mar 302007

The list is up for this year’s Hugos, and Doctor Who has 3 spots in the list of 5 nominees under Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form: “Army of Ghosts”/”Doomsday”, “The Girl in the Fireplace”, and “School Reunion”.

Personally, while I spent the entirety of “School Reunion” in one prolonged fangirl squee, it was not the best episode of the second series. “The Girl in the Fireplace” really needs to win this one.

And, please, someone, tell me how Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest got on the list for Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form? I mean, I get as swept away as the next fan by Johnny Depp’s outrageous pirating, but the film itself was not that great. Not that I don’t own the DVD already, but it’s not award material. No. I want to see Children of Men win this one. My Gods is that a film! I still need to see The Prestige, too. Must put that in the Netflix queue.

I haven’t read all the nominated fiction, more’s the pity, but coming up in my reading pile is Peter Watts’s Blindsight, which is actually available online.

Aug 272006

The 2006 Hugo Awards were presented last night at LA Con IV: the nomination list is here, and the winners list is here.

I’m thrilled to see that Serenity won Dramatic Presentation: Long Form, and that Doctor Who picked up DP: Short Form. Congrats to all the winners, of course, but also to the nominees, because it’s a very cool thing just to make the short list, don’t you think?