Mar 162007

Andy and I just got tickets to the Great Big Sea concert at the Portsmouth (NH) Music Hall next month. Paired with the Police concert at Fenway Park in July, that makes 2007 the year of the Music Orgy.

You see, I can’t remember the last time I went to two concerts in the same calendar year. It’s entirely possible that it’s never actually happened before. Normally, I balk at the price of tickets, or the show I’d like to see isn’t worth the effort to rearrange my schedule, or some such thing. If I sat down and tallied every concert I’ve ever been to, it would probably be fewer that 15.

The GBS concert is on a Wednesday night, but I’ll take a day off midweek to breathe the same air as Alan Doyle for an hour or two, no doubt about it.

Andy just bought me a copy of My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade the other day, too, so you can see that my taste in music is much more twisted than most people suspect at first. One of my coworkers walked into my office a while back and was shocked that I was listening to Duke Ellington. Hell, he was shocked that I knew who Duke Ellington was. (Is Gen-X really that provincial?!)

You should see some of the looks I get when I’m walking the dog and singing Oingo Boingo to myself. Can I help it if “Dead Man’ Party” has such a catchy tune?