Apr 202011

The news of Elisabeth Sladen’s death yesterday came as a bit of a shock to me. More than a bit, if you really want to know, especially following so closely on the heels of Nicholas Courtney’s passing a few weeks ago. The Whoniverse is in deep mourning.

Harry, Sarah, and the Doctor

As Sarah Jane Smith, companion to Doctors number three and four, Lis was a major role model for me growing up. She was my introduction to the archetype of the intrepid girl reporter. She was spunky, stubborn, smart, outspoken, and brave.

Sarah Jane and K-9

When Russell T. Davies brought Sarah Jane back in the new series, for the episode School Reunion, I went into paroxysms of fangirlish delight. In fact, I squeeeeed so much during the airing that I had to watch it more than once to make sure I’d heard all the dialogue.

I saw the first few episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures a while back, and the rest have been on my to-be-watched list for some time now. I’m going to have to move those up in the queue. And Netflix is going to see a whole lot of Classic Who requests from me in the next few weeks.

We’re going to miss you, Lis.

Feb 232011

The Whoniverse lost one of its longest-standing and most-beloved citizens yesterday, with the death of actor Nicholas Courtney, who played Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT. Lethbridge-Stewart took part in (if you count the Big Finish audios) adventures with every single doctor from Two to Eight. The Brig was a fan favorite, and Nick Courtney was, too. By all accounts, he was always a gentleman even when he wasn’t being an officer. He made countless convention appearances over the years and was the honorary president of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. He will be sorely missed.

Jan 112009

Got some classic Doctor Who coming through the NetFlix queue, so the hubby and I are watching The Green Death this weekend.

Which is wonderful, IMHO, just for Jon Pertwee’s drag scene. (Oh, yes. You read that right. The Doctor in a floral frock!) Plus, Welsh stereotypes, maggot puppets, and the Brigadier in civvies!

Nov 012008

Eight and Lucie are back! Yay! If you’re a fan of Top Gear, like I am, you’ll get an extra kick out of last week’s adventure, Max Warp. Quick, though. It’s only available for a few more hours.

Tomorrow’s episode, Brave New Town, will be online after it’s been broadcast, through all of next week.

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