May 112009

We saw both of these in the last few days, and now that I’ve had time to digest them…

Star Trek had one particularly huge plot hole in it (which I would have to be spoilery to explain). It bothered me that they shoehorned Pavel Chekhov into the cast, even though he ought to have been closer to 12 than 17. And, please, someone explain to me why Scotty had to have the cute alien sidekick? Still, the casting was exceptional — I was particularly pleased by Zachary Quinto’s Spock and Zoë Saldana’s Uhura– and the film was a fun romp.

I also enjoyed X-Men Origins: Wolverine, despite the fact that they felt the need to stick in a young Scott Summers and an unnamed but obvious young Emma Frost (apparently without her psi powers?). Also, this was the first film in the franchise in which Hugh Jackman’s complete lack of shortness was actually distracting. I was glad to see that Gambit’s eyes are still red, even if it’s only when he’s using his powers, but he wasn’t slick enough for my tastes. But despite that, and the terribly overdone wire-fu, I had a good time.

Mar 102009

It take something pretty special to get me into a movie theater for opening weekend. Watchmen was in that category years ago. I knew the first time I read the book that if it ever made it to the screen, I’d be right there. And when it kept not happening, I was repeatedly saddened.

This was worth the wait.

It’s a long film, but I barely noticed. In fact, I could easily have sat through another 30-45 minutes of it and not complained. The script (though tweaked here and there) was very true to the book. The mood was wonderfully bleak. The special effects were gorgeous. There were things left out that I’d have rather seen left in. An actual explanation of Bubastis, for example. And occasionally, naked Dr. Manhattan was a bit distracting (But I think that’s more my hangup than a problem with the film itself. Stoopid internalized cultural nakedness taboo!).

And the cast? Jeffrey Dean Morgan: the Comedian incarnate. Patrick Wilson: marvelously nebbishy yet not unbelievably so. And Rorschach… What do I say about Jackie Earle Haley? Half the time, he scared the living hell out of me. The other half, I was identifying with him so strongly I was almost ill from it. He’s beyond perfect. “I’m not locked in with you: you’re locked in with me.” I didn’t know whether to cheer or hide under my seat.

Now I need to see it in IMAX.

Aug 042008

Saw Hellboy II yesterday. I’m always ready for a sequel to be a lesser movie than the original, but this one was a pleasant surprise. Fun and cheesy. And they gave Abe Sapien a bigger part, which was very nice.

And Luke Goss as Prince Nuada? Beautiful. Deadly. Graceful. Really amazing to watch. The fight choreographers did a stunning job.

There were plot points that I think ought to have gone in a different direction. Potential in the character of Princess Nuala, for instance, that was never realized. But overall a fun film.

And now I get to spend the day trying to scrub Barry Manilow out of my brain.

Jul 262008

Um. What?

It seems that KTLA in Los Angeles think that Black Canary is a bad role model, and Barbie shouldn’t dress like her. Their story is online here.

Yeah, right. ‘Cause we all know that what you wear is so much more important than what you do or why. Nevermind that fighting evil and saving people stuff, she wears fishnet stockings and a leather jacket, so she’s bad bad bad.

Please notice that they gloss over the fact that this doll is a high-ticket collector’s edition, not a kiddie toy. And that they chose to single out the Canary rather than Batgirl or Wonder Woman, who are coming out in the same product line. Oy.

May 122008

That’s the first adjective that comes into my head when I try to describe Iron Man. It’s just, well, awesome. The casting. The acting. The special effects. Especially the suit. Gods, the suit is just stunning.

And the candy at the very end is well worth sitting through the interminable credits.

Jun 172007

My mother is spoiling the cat rotten. My inlaws are doing the same for the dog. And here we are, my husband and I, in the City of Brotherly Love.

We came in late yesterday morning, and hung out at Wizard World for the day. Andy won some cool swag in Are You Smarter Than a Comic Book Expert, in which he needed absolutely no help from any of the experts (several Wizard staff members and Tom Brevoort from Marvel) up there until he got tossed a Moon Knight question that no one knew the answer to — including the expert he was currently teamed with, Ricky Purdis, Wizard’s price guide editor. For the record, I think Ricky had been cursed: he failed miserably to help anyone who relied on him throughout the entire contest.

I have acquired another Nightcrawler statue. The pirate one. It’s yummy.

And the highlight of the day was when Andy got to talk to Jim Steranko for a few minutes. The words that come to mind are “gracious, personable, and dapper.” I think he may be the first person I’ve met in real life whom that last one truly fits. He’s also amazingly modest. He was telling Andy about when he first started in comics, and how amazing it had felt to meet all the people whose work he’d grown up admiring, and he actually blinked in shock and was speechless for a couple of seconds when Andy said, “I know exactly how you feel.”

Definitely a good day.

Today, we play tourist. Tomorrow, it’s off to the Franklin Institute for the King Tut Exhibit. If we’re really lucky, we may hook up with friends for dinner in between.

Mar 172007

So, these last couple of weeks are beginning to make me feel a little bit spoiled.

  • I have tickets to two upcoming concerts: Great Big Sea in April and the Police in July.
  • The Black Parade is still new enough that I don’t know all the lyrics yet (I will learn them, because they are in the liner notes, and that is what I do).
  • Last weekend, Andy bought me 2 Doctor Who DVDs from the Colin Baker era: “Revelation of the Daleks” which is a personal favorite because of Alexei Sayle’s guest appearance, plus Terry Molloy’s Davros, and William Gaunt’s Orcini; and “The Mark of the Rani” which I don’t think I’ve actually seen all the way through, but who doesn’t love Kate O’Mara?
  • Yesterday, he bought me the cutest little statue of Zatanna, with half her arm disappearing into her top hat and the tip of her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth in concentration.
  • This morning, I ordered 3 books from Amazon: Rob Thurman’s second book, Moonshine; the first Harry Dresden novel; and The Land of Mist and Snow by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald. That last one, I’ve been looking for in bookstores since it came out and haven’t actually laid eyes on it. And, you know, when you’re taking writing advice from someone, it might be a good idea to actually read some of his stuff, yeah?