One Day More

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Jan 012013

Tomorrow’s my first beta test, so of course I’m overanalyzing every little thing. I’m feeling a bit bloaty, and a bit moody, neither of which means a damned thing, but I keep wanting them to. 🙂

I’m also wondering now if, even if we get the BFP (big fat positive) we’re looking for, exactly what comes next. My RE here was cool with ordering my betas for me, as long as I’m planning on having her “follow” me from here on out, which would be ideal so that’s what I told her staff. But, really, I’m not sure how much of a hand the RE in Florida is going to want in my monitoring through the first trimester. After all, this is his success rate we’re dealing with, as well as my pregnancy. Well, I’m going with what I’d prefer as of now, since he never specified, and we’ll switch gears if we have to.

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