Dec 212012

With all this time on my hands while I’m on bedrest today, I’m doing a lot of toodling around the interwebs, and I’m finding that there’s a surprising amount of disagreement among fertility specialists as to what’s really necessary as far as activity restrictions right after an embryo transfer.

My RE told me that the bedrest is largely for my peace of mind — so I won’t later beat myself up for not being cautious enough if we don’t get implantation this round. And, wow, he wasn’t kidding when he said that others have different opinions. I’m reading discussions on fertility support boards, and some women are told to stay in bed a lot longer than I was — some of them as long as 2 weeks, until the first pregnancy test. Others are being told to take it easy the day of the transfer but have the okay to resume normal activity the next day. One or two REs out there are saying the rest really doesn’t affect implantation rates, and getting up after a few minutes and going on with your day should be perfectly fine.

Sexual activity after embryo transfer is also apparently something that REs vary wildly about. I’ve been told no intercourse for a week, mainly on the grounds that anything inserted vaginally (aside from my twice-daily Crinone gel) ups the chance of an infection. But I’m reading about women who’ve been told that they should avoid orgasms until the fetal heartbeat can be detected on ultrasound — that’s six weeks into gestation! Eek!

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