Feb 072011

Andy and I had a belated holiday gathering with friends last night. Because we had offered to bring dessert, and because the seven of us (including the 3-year-old) are all geeks, Andy had the bright idea to make something fun.

I give you: Dalek Cupcakes.

Dalek Cupcakes

Yes, there’s a small TARDIS in there, too.

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  1. Those are awesome! Care to share how you made them? I would love to try and make those with some friends too some time!

  2. Each dalek is three cupcakes: small, medium and large. Take the top off the large one and put it upside down on the board, then mound up pieces of the top in front to make the base more teardrop-shaped. Flatten the middle cupcake, too. Everything is glued together with frosting, with two Oreo cookies between the medium and small cupcakes to make the grill around the “neck” area. (That will give you your sense of scale – the smallest cupcake should be about the same diameter as the cookie.)

    The eyestalk and weapon arms are toothpicks with appropriately-shaped gummy candies stuck on them. The little red bars on the midsection are cut up lengths of string licorice, the rounds on the skirt are M&Ms with the logo turned inward, and the lights on top are Jujubes. A little piped frosting for detail and there you are.

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