Summer Book Picnic

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Jun 262010

Thanks to a friend who showed up on my doorstep a few weeks ago with a very tall stack of Elizabeth Bear books that I hadn’t yet read, my to-read shelf is looking very very yummy.

For an appetizer, I’ve just had a lovely plate of Chill, which I knew would be a delight the second I opened it and saw that the first scene was written from the POV of my favorite character from Dust: Tristen Conn. I loves me some man-with-a-regrettable-past, I does! (It doesn’t hurt that I also adore Mallory the necromancer and Gavin the basilisk almost as much.)

Now I’ve moved on to By the Mountain Bound. I’m only about 5 chapters in and already I’m heartbroken for 3 characters (this is a good thing) and am completely in awe of Bear’s ability to write a breathtakingly hot, wrenchingly desperate sex scene.

When I finish that, I still have Carnival, the 2nd and 3rd Jenny Casey books, Undertow, and A Companion to Wolves (written with Sarah Monette). My biggest problem is going to be deciding which order to read them in.

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  1. Books are good…

    *sigh* Still waiting to see if the library gets the support it needs from the city council tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed! (or uncross them to write to Menino and tell him what libraries are for!)

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