Jul 152008

As airports go, the one at Tampa isn’t too bad. There’s the usual food and places to sit and restrooms and internet access. But it’s not on my list of places to spend a whole day. Unfortunately, when you have a connecting flight at Atlanta and Atlanta is shut down for weather…

That was Sunday. Before that, though, on Saturday, there was a cousin getting married and other cousins to visit with and my brother to hang with and lots of great food. So, you know, not entirely a bad weekend trip. Though I do find it a bit disconcerting that I seem to have become one of those people who says to younger relatives: “When I last saw you, you were only that tall.” In my defense, the cousin (once removed) I said it to is now close to 7 feet tall and married and when I last saw him he was still drinking from a bottle.

And Mom gave me a really good laugh on the way down on Friday. She had a book packed, but it wasn’t very long and she wanted to save it for reading at night in the hotel, so she went to the newsstand and got a magazine for the flight down. Told me when she came back that she doesn’t usually read trashy celebrity-watcher mags (she’s more the Time, Consumer Reports, Bon Apetit, and Cat Fancy type) but she’d picked up an issue of People. Seems she does this sometimes when she travels. But when she pulled out the magazine after we’d boarded, it turns out she’d grabbed the Miley Cyrus Collector’s Issue of the thing by mistake. Hannah Montana til you puke on your shoes.

She left the magazine in the seatback pocket. Maybe the next passenger was a 12-year-old girl?

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