May 052007

I’m supposed to be working on my fantasy novel. But the vampire won’t leave me alone this morning, dammit.

Ardellis: Dude, it’s broad daylight. Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?!

Byron: What, you’ve never heard of insomnia? Besides, you’ve been ignoring me for months. And I’m much more fun that that smuggler over there, admit it.

Ardellis: That’s only because he’s not cooperating with me at the moment.

Byron: Take a break, then. Let him know what he could be missing.

Ardellis: Fine. But after we deal with this, you will shut up and let him figure out how to save his friend without getting himself or his kid killed.

Byron: As long as I get to see Constance Putnam’s face when she realizes what I’ve done, I’ll be happy.

Ardellis: You realize she’ll kill you.

Byron: (grinning) She’ll try.

  4 Responses to “Temporarily Off the Back Burner”

  1. If anyone desires to kill you, carissimo mio, they will answer to ME.


  2. Your concern is truly touching, my dear. But you know how our friend exaggerates such things. You needn’t be alarmed.

  3. Tesoro mio, it gladdens my heart that you say so, but I cannot take lightly any threat to one I hold as dear as your sweet self. Take care, cuore mio, I must beg of you. And know I meant what I said above.


  4. I know, Luigi. I promise, I have no intention of letting anyone kill me.

    PS: Check your email.

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