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You May Have Noticed…

… that I’m not blogging as often as I used to. This is due to a number of things, among which are work, family, writing projects, conlangs, and hanging out in places like Facebook, AW, the Conlang List, and Travian. And I’m thinking that perhaps using this website as space for a blog alone may not be the best use of my hosting dollars.

Not that I’m shutting the blog down. Never that. But I do have other interests going that might benefit from having a home online, and, after all, I have the space here.

I’ve toyed with the idea more than once of putting my conlangs online. Not terribly long ago, I even tried putting one of them in WordPress, just to see if it would work. Alas, though WP has many lovely blogging features, and though lots of folks are tweaking it to use as a general CMS for their websites, its otherwise terribly useful visual editor simply chokes on the accented and other non-ASCII characters that I need to write my conlangs out properly. And if I’m going to be forced to edit my HTML strictly by hand, I’d rather use an actual HTML editor.

Which is my long-winded way of saying that I’m going to be doing some redesigning and restructuring around here.

Too Plugged In

There really is such a thing: Please Rob Me.

I find it amazing that people don’t see the places where their online behavior may turn out to be detrimental to their real lives.

Patience is a Virtue

Or so I keep telling myself.

The latest round of upgrades (WP and/or theme) hosed my site, leaving all pages blank except the home page. So I backed up my posts and reinstalled WP from scratch.

As you can see the posts are all back where they belong. Now I have to reconfigure everything else.

Lost Chaplin Film Found

Essex collector Morace Park bought it on eBay for £3.20. Seriously embarrassing, I’m sure, for the guy he bought it from.

The Little Things

Dead eight-year-old laptop = no fun.

Pretty new Dell = yay!

Codex Gigas Online

This is probably the coolest use the internet has: to get images of unique historic artifacts out where everyone can see them.

Have a look at the Codex Gigas, also known as the Devil’s Bible.

At Loose Ends

I tend to spend significant portions of my weekends on the forums at Absolute Write, but their host has been having server problems for the last couple of days.

Which means that instead of chatting about writing, I might actually have to do some. Oh, noes!

Doctor Who on BBC Radio 7

Eight and Lucie are back! Yay! If you’re a fan of Top Gear, like I am, you’ll get an extra kick out of last week’s adventure, Max Warp. Quick, though. It’s only available for a few more hours.

Tomorrow’s episode, Brave New Town, will be online after it’s been broadcast, through all of next week.

BBC Radio 7 Programmes – Doctor Who


For the life of me, I can’t figure out why comments are off on my last post, nor how to fix them. So comment here, if you have something to say about KRF or Sir Percival or whatever.

Rennie Celebrations

It’s that time of year again, folks! Yup, you guessed it: I have made my annual pilgrimage to Carvershire and been to King Richard’s Faire.

Sheriff Glenn Feeldenstreme still patrols the village with his ale tankard balanced atop his bald head. The smell of horse manure and pine needles and roasted turkey legs still blend into sweet perfume. There are still pirates and wenches and mud-covered beggars and knights on horseback. And, of course, a whole lot of very silly song and dance numbers.

But this year was special. And I am glad beyond imagining that we chose to go Sunday, on the last day of the season this year. Because this year, in honor of Richard Weber’s 30th year in the renfaire biz, the cast and crew of KRF threw together a little to-do in his honor, and Andy and I and our friend Kate were in the audience when they snuck up on him with it.

“Who’s Richard Weber?” I hear you ask. Rick is KRF’s costume designer and wardrobe master, at which he frankly excels. He’s also the Lord High Chancellor, Sir Percival Degagé. The single funniest renfaire character (IMHO) ever invented.

That photo, right there, which I took Sunday, is something of a special occasion all by its lonesome, really. I have been a fan of Rick’s all my adult life, and the man is usually just impossible to photograph. He’s almost always in motion, so 95% of the pix I’ve taken of him over the years are blurry. I’ve more than once joked that he must be a vampire.

Heyo the Jester MC’d so that we (and Rick) could be treated to many a bawdy joke as cast members held a roast, presented a brief “This is Your Life” rip-off, made very touching speeches, and paraded across the stage wearing costumes that Percy’s worn over the years. There was an impersonate Percy contest, too, with the winner decided by who could collect more money from the audience… in his pants. Percy, naturally had to help with the tally. He even got a serenade from The Lost Boys.

And, yes, if you’re thinking that shot looks like a kiss about to happen, you’d be right. In fact, Rick got a great many smooches from other male cast members, at least some of whom I happen to know are straight. And the audience cheered every last one of them with great rollicking enthusiasm.

Congratulations, Rick! Thank you for giving so much of your time and energy to all of us. And, really, sweetie, no matter what Heyo says, in my book, you still look maahvelous!